Fabian (01.05.2022)
Rencontre avec margot ce jour ,à priori commence sa journée avec moi.nouvel appart pour moi en rez inf sympa douche à l italienne ,serviette propre et surtout femme ravissante ,soiriante ,dévouée, un corps magnifique ,une peau douce ,un regard charmeur,des services ,prestations au top qui donnent l envie de retourner la voir.
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Slava ! (22.04.2022)
Met Adelle today, amazing time. She\'s beautiful and does everything well. Best in Geneva !
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Sean90 (18.04.2022)
Adelle ! She is just AWESOME and AMAZING.
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Philippe (18.04.2022)
Today, I met with Pamela for an hour. I wish I could have stayed longer. She is amazing, beautiful green eyes. Our date was an avalanche of shared pleasure. It was like seeing my girlfriend again after several months and we had a crazy urge to fuck! See u soon🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Winnie (10.03.2022)
Je confirme ce qui a été dit plus bas. Après avoir raté Nika lors de son dernier passage, je suis très heureux d\'avoir pu passer une heure avec elle 💖
C\'est une jeune femme d\'un naturel extrêmement rafraichissant, dotée d\'un corps superbe 😍 Un petit gabarit qui a tout ce qu\'il faut où il faut, et dont les lèvres pulpeuses savent embrasser comme personne ! Quelle passion et quelle fouge !
Nous avons tous les deux passé un exellent moment, torride à souhait, et vraiment spontané. J\'ai vraiment eu l\'impression de faire l\'amour à ma petite amie, et Nika n\'a pas boudé son plaisir. Elle est également très douée et a su m\'amener au paradis de très belle manière.
Pour les gentlemen respectueux en quête d\'authenticité, de passion et de fougue dans un petit package bouillant, je ne peux que vous conseiller d\'aller lui rendre visite.
See you soon for some more passionate and hot love making Angel Girl 😘😜
Your Angel Boy 😇😁
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Sean90 (05.03.2022)
Nika is a real angel. Not only beautiful but also really tender and sensual. I felt like I was with an old girlfriend with her. Had an amazing meeting and intensely cum at the end. Need to meet again but please take care of this angel and give her the respect she deserves.
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Teacher (01.03.2022)
I went to see Scarlett for 1hours it was very nice, 10 minutes after i got out, i was like, fuck i need to go back again! 30minutes later I was at her place again, i wanted more! She is very beautiful and she really knows how to take care of a man!
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Tauros (24.02.2022)
I am on my way to see Mari for the 4th time in a few weeks, all i can say is that if you are a normal respectful being with, she will so awesome that you will be addicted like me! Very fun, very intelligent, very human and most of all very beautiful :D
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ManOne (19.02.2022)
Waow, what a wonderful blow-job
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Sean90 (12.02.2022)
One more great meeting with Venera. A true Girlfriend attitude. I hope she will come back soon.
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Fabian (04.02.2022)
Rencontré ce soir Diana splendide girl,acceuillante en tenue sexy ,le sourire aux lèvres, un regard qui laisse imaginer le pire ...dans le bon sens.un corps de rêve, une petite poitrine avec des tétons sensibles ,un cul à reveiller un mort ,des baisers fougueux, douce et sexy ,semble apprécier les preliminaires le temps passe vite avec elle ,insatiable ,aime le sex et je repars séduit et vidé.baisers ma belle
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Eds (29.12.2021)
I met lolita yesterday, very gentle and charming lady. Enjoyed the time with her and would probably meet her again
See you soon😁
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Peter (28.12.2021)
I visited Lolita and what a pleasant surprise. Will definitely go again. She is a wonderful dancer with a wonderful personality.
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TheScar (21.12.2021)
Amazing moment with Mila
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Sean90 (20.12.2021)
Je n\'ai pas résisté au charme de Mari. Belle jeune femme similaire aux photos. Super sympa et l\'intégralité des services est respectée. Finition bien arrosée comme j\'ai l\'habitude avec ces filles. GL toujours au top.
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Sean90 (12.12.2021)
Russian girls are always on top and Cherry is no exception to the rule. Charming and very passionate in what she does. I cannot resist to cum during the session. She looks like the selfies. Thank you GL for bringing us all theses beauties !
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Momo (08.12.2021)
Malheureusement, la personne à qui je tenais vraiment elle est partie. Avant de partir, elle m\'a dit : dans le besoin, je te conseille mon amie, Roxana.
J\'ai rencontré cette fille le 12/04/2021, elle est incroyable. Personnellement, je l\'appelle : ma bombe atomique. Oui chers amateurs de belle fille, cette fille si vous la laissez-faire, c\'est une véritable ogive nucléaire. Elle explose sur vous et vous ne comprenez pas ce qui vous arrive. Je vous garantis qu\'il vous faudra quelques jours pour vous remettre en selle, bref, pour récupérer. Personnellement, il m\'a fallu deux jours pour récupérer et je tiens à le préciser, je fais beaucoup de sport, je suis vraiment en forme physiquement alors... Comme à mon habitude, je ne rentre pas dans les détails, ce sont mes affaires, mais, la fille, elle a un corps de sirène, une peau veloutée avec un parfum qui reste encore aujourd\'hui dans mes narines et je ne sais pas quel parfum elle avait sur elle. Un corps doux comme une ouate.
Je n\'ai pas honte d\'admettre que je n\'ai pas pris de douche pendant deux jours. Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer dans quel état j\'étais. J\'ai tellement goûté de son corps, que je ne voulais pas me débarrasser de son parfum corporel. Messieurs, croyez-moi, chaque centime dépensé pour cette fille, ça en vaut la peine. Je tiens à préciser une chose, et sur ce détail précis, je suis catégorique, Roxana, n\'est pas un jouet, c\'est une fille MAGNIFIQUE. Je suis désolée de dire cela, elle est réservée aux « GENTLEMEN ». En majuscule S.V.P. Elle n\'est pas pour tout le monde.
Avec une fille de cette taille, il faut avoir du respect, beaucoup de respect. Par conséquent, je compte sur le bon savoir-faire et les bonnes manières des personnes qui veulent essayer de voyager dans l\'univers du plaisir. Dès que possible, je reviendrai avec une immense joie la rencontrer à nouveau. Meilleurs vœux Roxana et gros bisous. Bientôt.
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Momo (07.12.2021)
Unfortunately, the person I really cared about left. Before leaving, in need, she advised me a friend of hers, Roxana.
I met this amazing girl on 04/12/2021. Personally, I call it: my atomic bomb. Yes dear escort goers, this girl if you let her, she is a real nuclear warhead. It explodes on you and you don\'t understand what is happening. I guarantee you that it will take you a few days to get back in the saddle. Personally, it took me two days to recover and I want to clarify it, I do a lot of sport, so ... As my custom, I don\'t go into details, these are my business but, the girl, she has a mermaid\'s body, a velvety skin with a perfume that still remains in my nostrils today and I cannot know what perfume it had on her. A soft body like wadding.
I am not ashamed to admit that I did not take a shower for two days so I tasted so good. I didn\'t want to start her perfume. Gentlemen, believe me, every penny spent on this girl was worth it. I want to clarify one thing, and on this precise detail, I am categorical,
Roxana, not a toy, is a beautiful girl but she is for “gentlemen” only. She is not for everyone.
With a girl of this size, you have to have respect, a lot of respect. Therefore, I count on the good know-how and good manners of people who want to try traveling in the universe of pleasure. As soon as possible, I will return with immense joy to meet her again. Best wishes Roxana and a big kiss. Soon. Maurizio.🥰🥰🥰
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John (02.12.2021)
So yes Liza is really the best girl. I nearly died from here cuteness.
You wish that it never ends
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Unfortunately, the person I really cared about left. Before leaving, in need, she advised me a friend of hers, Roxana.
I met this amazing girl on 04/12/2021. Personally, I call it: my atomic bomb. Yes dear escort goers, this girl if you let her, she is a real nuclear warhead. It explodes on you and you don\'t understand what is happening. I guarantee you that it will take you a few days to get back in the saddle. Personally, it took me two days to recover and I want to clarify it, I do a lot of sport, so ... As my custom, I don\'t go into details, these are my business but, the girl, she has a mermaid\'s body, a velvety skin with a perfume that still remains in my nostrils today and I cannot know what perfume it had on her. A soft body like wadding.
I am not ashamed to admit that I did not take a shower for two days so I tasted so good. I didn\'t want to start her perfume. Gentlemen, believe me, every penny spent on this girl was worth it. I want to clarify one thing, and on this precise detail, I am categorical,
Roxana, not a toy, is a beautiful girl but she is for “gentlemen” only. She is not for everyone.
With a girl of this size, you have to have respect, a lot of respect. Therefore, I count on the good know-how and good manners of people who want to try traveling in the universe of pleasure. As soon as possible, I will return with immense joy to meet her again. Best wishes Roxana and a big kiss. Soon
Momo (26.11.2021)
What to say about Liza, I had the pleasure of meeting this marvel on 11/24/2021. Normally, I don\'t write reviews, this time I have to. I do this because Liza is a girl who deserves a review. Just looking at her you understand that she is a girl full of vitality, sweetness, charm and beauty. Her body exudes an almond flavor, a soft body, a velvety skin. She is a sweet girl. Irreproachable hygiene. I was a little intimidated at first but it immediately put me at ease
I will not go into details but believe me, I immediately flew to Venus and all the constellations that surround this planet. What should I do? Recommend it? Of course I recommend it to all Gentlemen, but only to Gentlemen. She is not a girl for everyone but only for true connoisseurs. Believe me, I would keep it all to myself unfortunately this is not possible, therefore, a piece of advice, if you want to see paradise, you must know this wonder of nature. I will do everything possible to have a new experience with her. Thanks Liza
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Kabel (24.11.2021)
Roxana... long term client of gl.... different experiences... Roxana is a gem, top level service and much much better than pictures. Was not sure before visit but very happy i took this leap of faith))) very soft skin.. relaxing and attentive .. she moans and screams if you have the skill... definitely one to visit...
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Tonio (23.11.2021)
I just pend one really good time in the hands of bella, she is just fantastic and incredebly beautiful and she know it.
Just too expensive for me to have her for a full life.
She know what she is doing and she like to have the lead on the bed.
Good time with good music.
Keep going well.
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george (22.11.2021)
Pleasently surprised a beautiful lady good company and amazing time GFE .. will do it again
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Sean90 (13.11.2021)
Had a wonderful time with Liza. Really much better than her pics. So tender and adorable, all the services are respected. She lets me cream her face at the end and I was a bit ill-at-ease but it was so good.
Strongly recommended for GFE and not rude people.
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Victor (10.11.2021)
Arina is just hot as hell, and knows how to please a man. I will meet her again definitely
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David (01.11.2021)
Had some of the best sex in my life with the beautiful girl Nelly. Thanks ;)
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Sean90 (20.10.2021)
I met Masha last week for a short meeting. It\'s really the ggod looking girl of the pictures. A little bit shy at the begining. But finally had an amazing time with her. She takes all my load in mouth at the end and quickly run to the bathroom.
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Sean90 (12.10.2021)
I met Lera a second time. Wonderful meeting with her. She\'s absolutely stunning and provide high services. Russian girls are the top. Need to meet again. Pascal
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Fabian (07.09.2021)
Revu Maya 2 hrs ce jour mais le temps défile aussi vite, je resterais volontiers plus longtemps dans ses l ADORE ,que dire de plus ,elle est généreuse, douce ,tendre,belle en tout cas à mon goût, je prends du plaisir à être avec elle et j espère lui en procurer aussi. voilà je suis addict accro et pourtant le choix est difficile et délicat en présence d une autre GL pamela.que du choix et de l excellence
Tendres baisers maya
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Col (30.08.2021)
Maya is absolutely amazing. Stunning body, great blowjob and very active. The kind of girl you get addicted to.
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Joan (04.08.2021)
Amazing meeting with Sasha yesterday at 9pm
She is very nice looking girl, her body is just perfect and for sure she knows how to please you
I recommend !!!!
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Toni (31.07.2021)
Waw, meet Sasha today and she is just incredible.
Her body is just perfect and her face just beautiful...
She truly know how to make you happy, switching from Angel to Devil (vampire in her case... hehe) and when leaving her you just will have more of her.
An amazing time with an amazing woman !
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winniepooo (28.07.2021)
Pamela is just OUT of this world !
I have rarely met such an enthousiastic and dick loving girl. (last time was the beautiful Sasha, another great pick)
Certainly not for the faint hearted, and more for the people that are the PSE side of things.
If you are looking for a drop dead gorgeous eager to please girl, with an insiatiable sexual appetite, Then Pamela is definitely the girl for you !
I\'ll go back see her before I leave !
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Victor (26.07.2021)
Met Angelina yesterday, wonderful girl, fantastic service. She turned me on so much I will surely come back.
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ZurichGuy (20.07.2021)
Thanks Kamila!! Great service, awesome Person and worth every dime!!
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Yann (15.07.2021)
A.m.a.z.i.n.g Sasha !!!!
Du très très très lourd. Une bombasse nymphe qui suce bite et boules comme si c’était la dernière fois.
Incroyable beauté , les photos peuvent en témoigner.
Un sacré pétard qui aime quand ça envoie !
Et en plus hyper fun et sympa.
Une grande découverte de GL!
Merci .
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Nico (12.07.2021)
Lana was the best I ever had
simple as that
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D. Leo (27.06.2021)
I met Lilit yesterday, it was my first experience with an escort. It was unforgettable. She was so sweet and lovely. Everything was perfect. Looking forward seeing you again
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Nick (09.05.2021)
Sara, thank you sooo much😘 I spent wonderful time with you, you are amazing girl 😻
Best wishes, I will see you soon 😻😻😻😻
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Mark666 (07.05.2021)
I just met with Monika💋
This is wonderful women, she has perfect body and she is very seeexy. I spent a very good time with her. Thank you Monika, I hope see you soon 😘😘😘
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Devid (26.04.2021)
Thank you dear Leya for a crazy meeting. All thoughts are only about you !!! See you soon 🔥😘😘😘
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Devid (25.04.2021)
Une super fille. Douce, accuillante, superbe. Et quelle tornade au lit!!! Une de mes meilleure rencontre! Que du bonheur le temps passé avec elleUne recommandation claire! Ma note est de 9,5 sur 10 😉😘😍
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Pascal (24.04.2021)
Just met Alexa today. Stunning girl very friendly and great meeting with her. Really need to meet again. Polish girls do it very good ! Sean90
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Wolf (24.04.2021)
Hello! I met Leya a few days ago. This is the girl in the photos! She is very sweet, super attentive! She soothes you with kisses, she sucks divinely well with her crazy mouth, we can go and gently scratch her glottis. In all positions she swallows your cock, licking your pills !! 69 on the contrary I ate her very nice (and clean) pussy with a little finger in a bow while I pounded her in my mouth !!! She takes it very, very well! Then several positions are connected by alternating two holes !!! I got in her mouth and she didn\'t lose a drop! She represents 2 escorts in 1 and is as good at GFE as at PSE !!! Thank you very much for this wonderful meeting! Kissing 😘😘😘😘😘
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Pascal (07.04.2021)
I met Alsu and had a really good time with her. She\'s new in business and may be a little bit shy but definitely good looking girl. She\'s not for PSE or rude sex and deserve to be respected. Need to meet again. Sean
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Pascal (06.04.2021)
Samanta. Never disapointed with the GL girls even if she looks a bit different than the pics. Bigs boobs are there and this ukrainian chub\' really know how to please a man. Great time with her ! Sean
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Fabian (04.04.2021)
Mila je l adore,au fur à mesure de nos rencontres ,nous sommes de plus en plus complice.Acceuil en grande pompe,toujours très sexy,aguicheuse,joueuse ,taquine ,son corps tatoué est un délice, même sa poitrine refaite est magnifique .le plaisir est au menu avec des prestatilns ,services de qualité, ne pas hésiter à goûter à tous ses extras ,à voir et à revoir ,je ne m en lasse pas à tout bientôt ma belle
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FatMan 🤴 🍆 (04.04.2021)
I went to see ⚜Mila⚜ in her new apartment, it is a real beauty.
It feels like home, so exciting.
Very well received in heels and sexy lingerie, it is well on the pictures 🍑😋.
What a great meeting‼ This young woman is really to chew 🍓!
She embraces marvelously with her luscious lip 👄.
She actually has a very gentle body and an irreproachable hygiene. Tattoo .
She is very cuddly, I felt like with the GF of my dreams and the social time after the performance made me fall in love 😍..THX GL!
Mila is the Queen 👑 of GNVA !
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Alexander (31.03.2021)
Amazing experience with Chrystal, not only is she beautiful but also has a great personality. Everything was perfect, I highly recommend her.
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Pat (25.03.2021)
I met MILA and it was awesome!
When I saw the pictures, I was expecting to be a little disappointed in real life (since she looks so beautiful). I was wrong: she is gorgeous, the pictures are faithful.
But the best is her attitude: a perfect balance between GFE and nymphomaniac, very sensual and elegant, and with no restraint ... In summary, she is a true gem. No need to see eleswhere. I\'ll meet her again asap.
Thank you Mila. Take good care and see you very soon.
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JeanFranzi (10.03.2021)
Zarina is a real natural beauty, full of surprises, I had am a nice moment sparkled with perfection. I would just advise you to go for it, young doesn’t forcely means naive.... Definitely recommend Zarrîna
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Golden Ladies
Hello Dear Basile.
For the moment she planning come back at the end of year.
Best Regards
Fabian (07.03.2021)
Rencontre avec Chrystal ce jour et bingo ,la fille presque parfaite.un regard sublime,un sourire magnifique ,un corps naturel merveilleux ,doux.les services sont tendres et sauvage ,un social time intéressant.on se sent bien avec elle ,une bel energie.tendres baisers
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cfd (18.02.2021)
very nice meeting with Cristal. Goregeous, funny and highly recommended
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Fabian (14.02.2021)
Nouvelle rencontre avec sasha,encore plus explosive.Toujours souriante ,une plastique de rêve, des yeux qui vous dévorent, elle se jette littéralement sur vous ,pour vous engloutir dans tous ses orifices .difficile de lui résister à son appétit sexuel.j aime son côté foufou,son esprit jeune ,déjanté, pourrais rester des heures avec elle ,pour des moments torrides et plus tendres.
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Sashka Vlad (11.02.2021)
Mila : Mila was the best Christmas night I ever had of my life. She is , from my personal (west European) point of view, one of the girI that I will probably always remember. The « why » is, I think, a question of point of view. I just advise anyone to choose her, Mila, because she is one of the one that are Fairies...
All the best for Mila, she deserves the bests 😘
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Sashka Vlad (10.02.2021)
Dana: Dana is great, I can only recommend this young natural beauty . She is a little bit shy in a good way that disappear completely once in the bed. She is a real natural beauty, better in reality than in the pictures (according to me), the English is a bit limited, but google translate is doing better those days so a real deep conversation is always possible if needed. See you soon darling 😘
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winnie (08.02.2021)
La beauté (naturelle) de Sasha n\'a d\'égal que l\'intensité de ses baisers et son engouement à vous sucer la bite et les couilles...
Juste exceptionelle... Super gentille, super jolie au naturel (ses selfies vous donneront une excellente idée de ce qui vous attend derrière la porte), c\'est une vraie coquine qui aime vraiment ça et est toute dévouée à votre plaisir...
Je pourrai y rester toute la journée et toute la nuit pendant que sa bouche de folie s\'occuper de moi...
Bref, vous l\'aurez compris, c\'est du très très haut niveau... Prenez bien soin d\'elle :)
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Marco Siffredo (07.02.2021)
Woaouuuu , porn actress in city 🏙️.
I experimented the most exciting GFE/PSE in same time lol :)
Sasha is not only gorgeous but also very tender and smart.
She speaks not very well english .
Next opportunity, I will visit her again without hesitation !!!
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Fabian (06.02.2021)
Superbe recontre avec sasha douce,un superbe sourire,un corps de déesse de l amour ,une jolie petite poitrine aux tétons sensibles,érectiles, un joli posterieur agréable pour de petites fessées, un abricot goûteux, des positions endiablées, une femlation de rêve, un entrain,énergie remarquable de bon matin,de doux baisers, toute la panoplie de la GFE qui s est se transformer en PSE ,obligé d ouvrir la fenêtre pour tempérer la chaleur de différents assauts ,l Ukraine est toujours une valeur sûre pour ses filles ,les reines du sexe.un petit massage entre deux ,un social time sympa.encore du 10 sur 10 pour GL (et encore je n ai pas testé les extras en autre l anal qui doit être une merveille.A tout bientôt beauté, reviens nous voir
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Mos (02.02.2021)
Wooo ! Fantastique rencontre avec Sasha. Tout y passe, très PSE, lechage de boules, gorge profonde, et on peut la tamponner à fond elle adore ca ! Finish en beauté en bouche, avalé goulûment ! Rien à redire que du bonheur. A refaire c’est sûr. Seul bémol anglais basique et pas de francais, ca rend la discussion succinte.
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Pascal (17.01.2021)
Mila is absolutely beautiful. Each seconds spent with her is wonderful ! She\'s truly a Godess of love ...
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Fabian (14.01.2021)
Mila j ai adoré au point de remettre le couvert une heure ,une petite pause puis 2 heures avec l option anale. Que du plaisir ,drôle, avenante ,souriante, jolie ,sexy ,de beaux dessous lingerie,une peau douce,un corps parfait même si sa poitrine est refaite joliment.elle maitrise l art de l amour ,des positions osées, un abricot delicieux,des baisers torrides ,et encore bien des surprises valide comme souvent avec GL ,des filles superbes ,douées où parfois le choix est difficile .mila milles fois merci encore
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Pascal (09.01.2021)
Great time with Nika. Very good girl !
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Dan (08.01.2021)
Had 30 min with Nika. Simply Waou !!!! Will soon come back
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Sanytol (06.01.2021)
Mila est très belle et très active sous la couette. Les services proposés sont respectés. Une bonne adresse.
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Fabian (03.01.2021)
Rencontré ce jour nika une très charmante sibérienne, nature ,souriante, attirante ,un corps tout en rondeur mais juste à point,juste ce qu il faut pour prendre du plaisir,une peau douce ,des mamelons érectiles, des baiseurs tendres,fougeux.La partie de jambes en l air est de haut vol ,je vous laisse ,deviner ,la surprise ,un peu comme un cadeau de Noël. Ravi,satisfait comme d hab avec GL.Elle m a rincé, laissé sur le carreau moi qui envisageait de rencontrer à la suite mila j ai dû me faire une raison.mais pas de regrets ce fut génial
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BILL (28.12.2020)
Russian girls and especially from Siberia do it netter... They know for sure how to make a man feel like a king. Once again, Nika proved this rule to be correct. Strongly recommended
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Andre (24.12.2020)
Great time with Nika! wonderful girl
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Benjamin (24.11.2020)
Kate est délicieuse
Sont corps est parfait
Elle vous reçoit dans une terriblement sexy et sait vous mettre à l’aise
Et lorsque vous passez au lit avec elle. Elle est d’une douceur incroyable, vous faites l’amour à votre petite amie...
Je l’ai rencontrée une fois en octobre et l’ai vue plusieurs fois par vidéo depuis.
J’attends avec impatience de la revoir... Elle est un véritable joyau..
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Patrick (18.11.2020)
I met Jeanne a few weeks ago and I can only recommend her:
She is very beautiful - just like the pictures - and although you could think she seems \"cold \" at first, she is very playful and also takes pleasure.
I met her twice and I will definitely meet her again as soon as it is possible. Second time was better than first... I am very much looking for next time ;)
Take good care of her, she deserves it
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Kate est merveilleuse, d’une beauté rare. Son corps est parfait et elle vous fera vivre une GFE unique.
Je l’ai rencontrée en octobre et j’attends avec impatience de pouvoir la voir à nouveau. En attendant ses vidéos sont un délice.
À très vite dans ses bras...
Harnan (13.11.2020)
Met Jeanne Today she is very tender and sweet and kind, I had a very good moment with her ❤️
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Vic (11.11.2020)
finally you\'re back!!!
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Happy to see you again! :-)
Une vraiment très belle nouvelle !
Masa (02.11.2020)
She is perfect. She is the best Fascinated by her perfect body
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Paolo (29.03.2018)
Mi sono trovato molto bene con Leyla, ragazza simpatica, sorridente. È come trovarsi con un\'amica o una fidanzata.
Disponibile, gentile e affettuosa.
Un bacio da Paolo di Milano
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Mmh (27.02.2018)
Will you keep the site up?
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Golden Ladies
hello Dear
just now we adapt this site to Italy.
and if you like to have the new info about Gnva, please, send us the tel number that u used before.
I ve met Leyla today, she is really charming, friendly and sexy, I ve spent a very exciting hour with her.....every single moment was magic and normal at the same time, she is perfect: her body is wonderful, her simile is friendly and is mouth have to meet her if you want to know the answer! Thanks Leyla, see you soon! Alex
Kin-Kin (14.02.2018)
Hi, will Marina come back recently?
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Lili è una ragazza bellissima che ti manda in extasi totale. Lei è molto dolce e ti guida in tutto quello che vuoi. Ragazza fantastica. Sicuramente da ritornarci
Patrick 🇨🇭 (04.02.2018)
A quand les prochaines filles sur vôtre site ?
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Mombook (29.12.2017)
* * * Wôooôw Top Girlfriend * * *
Alesia est l\'une des Perles de l\'agence, ne manquez pas - autant de la respecter - que de coucher avec, en levrette de préférence, cela vous laissera des souvenirs indélébiles de plaisir, niveau \"Perfect Paradies\" !!!
Grand Coup de Coeur pour cette jeune demoiselle attachante. Un joli visage, un corps superbe, du très bon sexe le tout dans une bonne humeur complice.
Une Top de l\'agence qui j\'espère reviendra régulièrement.
Merci au boss pour sa gentille attention, au plaisir de continuer à venir trouver des filles avec autant de qualités, Ze Top à Genève
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Thomas (28.12.2017)
I met Alina and Sofi two days ago , it was a great moment .In addition to being beautiful and sexy , thé two womens are very cool , funny and hot .Time goes so fast with these two angels , I\'ll come back for sûre , thank you
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Giuseppe (28.12.2017)
Je suis suis enchanté d\'avoir fait connaissance de cette divine femme, j\'ai passé le plus beau moment de ma vie, elle est parfaite, un rêve réel.
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Dams (27.12.2017)
Had a 1 hour meeting yesterday with Alina. She is a great beautiful young lady with really nice body. She was above my expectations I left the place with big smile on face. I can only recomend her to anyone looking for some fun!
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Dam (26.12.2017)
I had the chance to meet Alina today. She exceed my expectations by far. She is a truly beauty doing her best to give you an unforgetable time. The apartment was perfectly clean, shower offered at arrival/departure and drinks. I can only recomend Alina to anyone looking for some adventures with a young beautiful perfect body lady.
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Kevin (25.12.2017)
Does beautiful Anna have sextoys (strapon)?
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Golden Ladies
Hello Kevin.
as its personal thing with a size, forma, etc.., you need to bring this thing with you.
-this is what i answered you more than 5 times during last 2 month.
Thx you
Choco (24.12.2017)
I met Janna on 2017-12-22. An angel fallen from the sky. So sweet, soft and easy. Incomparably more beautiful in real life, breasts to remember for a lifetime. She gave me a tender and accepting GFE. I hope she\'ll visit Geneva again. If you\'re a man and don\'t fall in love with her you probably have the heart of a squid or turtle :-).
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Smithg302 (23.12.2017)
Some genuinely great information, Glad I discovered this. Good teaching is onefourth preparation and threefourths theater. by Gail. gbddbedeeaeeeedd
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Vik (22.12.2017)
Salut, je suis allé voir Janna, aujourd\'hui et je vous la conseille. Elle est très belle, douce et je trouve qu\'elle a une poitrine magnifique. Une des meilleures GFE que j\'ai eu.
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ELT (16.12.2017)
I chose Merlin based on her photos and she turned out to as elegant and attractive as shown. Merlin is really very special with her wit and personality and ever ready to please. She has my strongest recommendation, have a great time gentlemen!
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VinDiesel😈 (03.12.2017)
I had a great time with the sexy 💗Inga 💗. She is a woman of incredible beauty. She is tall, charming, elegant, and in the bed a real bomb ... Delicious preliminaries to raise the temperature🔥 ...🌺🎶
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Mombook (05.11.2017)
*** Alina, ravissante devitsa ***
Jolie et gentille jeune fille, plutôt calme et presque timide au premier abord, mais se lâche volontiers au Plaisir
Un très beau corps, 100% naturel et c\'est bien appréciable \"Beurk le silicone\" par rapport à tant de filles qui se massacrent au plastique sous cutané.
Je retournerai la voir avec plaisir à l\'occasion, excellent moment super tendre et très \"Girlfriend\"
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SportMan (13.10.2017)
I have met Lera Queen a few times. A really great girl! She meets all criteria: cute, beautiful face (with incredible feline eyes), sexy body, funny, clever, classy and, last but not least, very very hot. Both social time and main course are memorable with her. She is all we can dream of. Very high level.
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vic (08.10.2017)
will julia get back to geneva anytime soon?
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Golden Ladies
not for the moment...
Adam (03.10.2017)
J\'ai rencontré Toma quelques fois et chaque fois c\'était inoubliable. Je recommande vivement de faire connaissance avec cette incroyable fille. Suis prêt à la rencontrer chaque jour, mais où trouver de l\'argent? :-)
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Eitan (01.10.2017)
I spent amazing time with toma
She was so gentle so caring I really had amazing time with her she’s highly recommend after one time with her you’ll definitely ask for more!!!
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Baby driverMan (26.09.2017)
Tonight I met Vikotoria !!! Twice so much she charmed me!😍😍
It was a dream, I spent an unforgettable moment with her and I have no words to describe it !!!
She made me leave on a heavenly cloud on which I would spend much more time than this little evening!
Big kisses and see you soon my Diamond💎M.
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Baba yaga (26.09.2017)
Lili is very sympatic, open-minded, outstanding body and the meeting was just fantastic !She is funny and very charming. Her massages are divine. She speaks very good English and can easily converse with her. Another woman from the land of the GoldenLadies; I would go to this wonderful and enchanted country. All the women I have had the chance to meet are exceptional.So I\'d stay forever faithful to GL!
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fabian (26.08.2017)
Regina nouvel eldorado du plaisir,sensualité et érotisme au rdv ,belle sexy douce timide et sauvage,un corps de rêve ...un grand cru GL
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Genf (26.08.2017)
Quand est-ce que Vanessa arrive à Genève?
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Golden Ladies
now.... =)
fabian (13.08.2017)
Mia ..vue et seconde rencontre ma confirmé que la première fois n\'était pas qu\'un rêve mais la réalité...personnalité troublante et attachante ,pleine d\'énergie,de vie,marrante...ce qui sublime son charme beauté un corps sexy peau douce regard de biche et me permet d\'apprécier au mieux ses talents d\'escorte.les galipettes sont torrides et très sensuelles ,dans le partage...à en oublier le temps passé ensemble (Sorry GL)
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gOOdman (06.08.2017)
Joselle certified GL 🔝
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Fransua (27.07.2017)
Anita est jolie plus ou moins comme les photos. J\'ai passé 2 heures avec elle. Par contre elle n\'est pas capable de faire ce métier.. Non seulement elle n\'a aucune envie de partager quoi que se soit et elle n\'a aucun engagement. J\'ai été obligé de l\'interpeller ou de la guider sinon j\'aurai pu rester 2 heures coucher avec une femme inerte à côté de moi. Je dois reconnaître que depuis quelques temps les services proposés sont vraiment à la baisse. Ou est le temps des Kristina, Marie, Lorain etc... tellement choqué que je me permets de publier ce message pour la première fois.
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Idem 😜. Même expérience que toi , mais sur une demie heure heureusement !
Difficile de trouver des Ladies à la hauteur des demoiselles que tu as cité ....
Je prends mon mal en patience et je fais confiance à la GL team pour qu\'ont puisses à l\'avenir rencontrer de nouvelles Perles toutes aussi dévouées aux plaisirs .🍭
Joselle ...belle-fille charme fine bons seins refaits dfk à profusion FN simple mais appréciable.a du potentiel besoin d expérience pour s affirmer.gentille souriante prend du plaisir...une fille label GL...enfin
Mia un doux rêve éveillée de GL ,une muse,une déesse de l\'amour ...pas de surprise ou que de surprises !!!!.A malheusement que fortement conseillée...prenez soin d\'elle...
jason (23.07.2017)
For Alina, it says \" 50\" at the end of the service list... what does it apply for?
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Golden Ladies
its was just a mistake, Dear. fixed.
Batman (13.07.2017)
I met Mira 2 days ago.
She is very nice person. She welcomed me with a great passionated kiss.
She looks very nice, sexy. Excellent BJ, great sex, positive attitude. I can recommand her
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Well, I met Mira today and I wasn\'t even sure, at first, if she was the same girl as in the pictures. The girl who opened the door was a bit fat, and her face wasn\'t even close to being as pretty as in the pics. I\'m not saying she\'s ugly, but she\'s definitely not the stunner that her pics portray her to be. Old pics? Photoshopped pics? Lack of makeup? I don\'t know, but for the first time with GL, I was disappointed. All the girls I\'ve met through GL so far looked gorgeous, sometimes even better than the pics (e.g. Lola, Julia, Vanessa). Any comments from GL as of why Mira looks so different in real life than in the pictures?
Golden Ladies
Dear John
sorry for this situation, but im surprised. as its her real pictures (and the selfies as well). also she is not \"slim-slim\", but not \"fat\" for sure.
maybe its just not your type of lady. so if you feel that its not upp to your taste or no chemistry,- nobody push you to stay and you are welcome to meet other girl ;)
Kind Regards
GL Team ;)
Thanks for your honest reply. You are right, I wasn\'t forced to stay with her.
By the way, it\'s always nice to see that you publish and respond to all comments, unlike most other agencies ;-)
vic (08.07.2017)
damn! again missing Alina, this is so unfair!!! i was in geneva in june :(
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vic (30.06.2017)
where are all the girls? :(
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Golden Ladies
updating some sistem of the way...
Guys can you tell us where the girls be back??
Golden Ladies
hello Gentlemens!
had some vacation. =)
also was need to change some way and the places.
also now there is a new rule:
for to know that its a same girl and authentic pictures, for the new ladies its will be added a new photo where she have 3 fingers on it (or a body in swimming suite with a glassof water). so you can know that there is no fayks..
kind regards
Asian (28.06.2017)
I met diana today she so beautiful and kind towards me i recommend her she is perfect
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NS007 (24.06.2017)
I met Viktoria a few days ago.
She is not only a stunning girl with an awesome body, but she was also gave a fabulous, GFE service.
It was a great experience, I had a fantastic time.
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fab (18.06.2017)
Julia ,Novice dans le milieu,jeune et timide,une vraie beauté,un charme ,un regard ,un corps de folie....besoin d\'être câlinée,guidée,d\'expérience et d\'indulgence de notre part...une authentique GFE,perso j\'ai adoré et espère son retour à l\'avenir
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Effectivement Julia est très belle, avec une belle petite poitrine naturelle, à souligner car ça devient rare
Elle a bien pris son pied avec un cuni qui l\'a fait vibrer
Par contre dès la fin du rendez-vous je l\'ai trouvé très froide et pas très sympa
Elle a le chrono bien en main
C\'est dommage parce que sinon elle est top
Anthony (17.06.2017)
Julia is a very pretty girl with a lot of quality. i spent 2 wonderful hours with her and i will nerver forget. Be nice and gentle with her because she deserves it.
1000 Kisses and i hope you i will see you again.
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Jim (14.06.2017)
I met Viktoria. Wow! She\'s the best Golden girl I met. She has beautiful body, perfect ass and those luscious lips...yummy to suck on. She\'s not for weak hearted and enjoy her without moderation.
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Met again this diamond:) She has face of an angel, body like a model and gives sex like no girlfriend gives and that what makes her special. U treat her good and she will treat you like a king in bed:)
Mart (13.06.2017) (13.06.2017)
Julia est tres tres jolie et parfaite une fille. Une fille comme de doux reves et tres sexy ...
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Jim (12.06.2017)
I met Julia. She looks younger and fresh in person. Her both holes taste very good. I\'m happy for the service but she could kiss better. Will see her again...
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BetterCallMarc (10.06.2017)
💞Viktoria💞 is a Diamond 💎 !
As soon as I knew she was arriving in Geneva, I was eager to take a rendez-vous on her first night. She is marvelous, a perfect body; A pretty angel face 😍.Sexy girl 👠💄!!
A real complicity that made this meeting a pleasant moment🔞.I dreamed of her all night; it\'s amazing .
Spasibo 👑GL👑
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Pieter (25.05.2017)
Met with Dominika a few weeks ago. Very charming and pretty. However the profile text is a little deceiving. She does not offer the services stated such as GFE,OWO or French kiss. She was also a little rushed in getting the act overwith. Afterwards she fell asleep which was a little dull to say the least.
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Fernand (19.05.2017)
Is a smooth and very kind beauty. Her smily face is fantastic. A perfect lady for a perfect time... Her smooth hands are perfect for gentel touch...
Nice and gentel appartement.
A small drink would have been just totally marvelous..
I home next Time...
Tale care....
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Sebastian (13.05.2017)
Deuxième rdvs avec sublime Jasmin... un vrai rêve cette fille !!! Ravissante jeune russe eurasienne, un corps de déesse. Moi qui suis obsédé sexuel grave, c\'est une terrible expérience que de l\'avoir rencontré, je vais devoir - encore - péter la gueule à mon banquier, histoire de pouvoir la revoir encore et encore.
Douce, embrasse à pleine bouche, super tendre, me serre et me griffe les fesses en pleine pénétration, une vraie \'Girlfriend Experience\' !!!!! Je t\'embrasse fort joli cœur... à très bientôt
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François (11.05.2017)
Je viens de passer un super moment avec Lena !
Très belle, peau douce, seins réactifs... j\'ai adoré la prendre en doggy
Bref une bonne expérience...
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Dani (10.05.2017)
I spent a wonderful time with Nina. She is very nice and very cute. I feel like she was my girlfriend. Top service. I hope to see you soon baby. :-)
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Ccc (10.05.2017)
Beautiful moment with Alina. Thank you so much for being so perfect. Hope to see you soon
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Nicolas (10.05.2017)
Dominika is an angel....
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Marc (05.05.2017)
Had a very relaxed and sexy hour with Nina. She\'s as pretty as in the pictures, has a wonderful smile and is easy going. After a nice gentle massage we both hit it off quite naturally. Treat her well and you won\'t be disappointed!
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Alex (04.05.2017)
I confirm that Dominika is wonderful. Very cute and sweet, she\'s the perfect girlfriend. She\'s much prettier in real life than her pictures. And she is very funny ;)
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SkeletonMan (30.04.2017)
I went to see ⚜Dominika⚜ in her new apartment, it is a real beauty. It feels like home, so exciting.
Very well received in heels and sexy lingerie, it is well on the pictures.
What a great meeting‼ This young woman is really to chew 🍓! She embraces marvelously with her luscious lip. She actually has a very gentle body and an irreproachable hygiene. Its benefits are those mentioned and it is to be tasted without moderation. She is very cuddly, I felt like with the girlfriend of my dreams and the social time after the performance made me fall in love 😍. Attention to addiction therefore.THX GL!👍⭐
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Sebastian (27.04.2017)
wôaaaaowwww !!!
J\'ai pris deux heures avec Olia - et c\'est un minimum avec une perle pareille - . Plutôt réservée... les allez, disons 2-3 premières minutes. Une fois que vous êtes allongé sur le lit... wrâoooouuwww oh la la, c\'est un festival très \"girlfriend\", agréablement surprenant. Olia embrasse divinement bien, fellation - nature of course - sensuelle, douce et technique irréprochable.
Un vrai moment hors du temps.
Seul regret le seul... je suis sûr qu\'elle avait une très jolie poitrine d\'origine.
Silicon off, c\'est mieux !
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Ben (12.04.2017)
Olia shall mean takeoff in a language that I ignore the delicate and delicious beauty. Olia is the epitome of perfection worthy of the most beautiful Greek statues, combined with a gentleness and know-how absolutely divine. The wings of desire have made me travel, in her company, to the confines of Nirvana. The subtle candor of her voluptuous caresses has led me to the summits of ecstatic pleasures hitherto unknown. Sensual high gastronomy. Quite unreal, so much she is mesmerizing and beautiful. Bewitched I have become and have only one desire. To taste again this sublime (and irresistible) forbidden fruit.
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Jolie demoiselle ,parait distante au départ mais se lâche par la suite avec des prestations de bon goût ,avec beaucoup de sensualité.Grande de taille mais très bien proportionné dommage toutefois que sa nouvelle poitrine ne soit pas accessible car trop sensible dixit la miss....l\'avenir s\'annonce que mieux alors une fois qu\'elle sera totalement opérationnelle
Ben (12.04.2017)
Olia doit signifier envol dans une langue dont j\'ignore encore la délicate et délicieuse beauté. Olia c\'est la quintessence d\'une parfaite plastique digne des plus belles statues grecques, conjuguée à une douceur et un savoir-faire absolument divin (pour ne pas dire hors du commun… des mortels). Les ailes du désir m\'ont fait voyager, en sa compagnie, jusqu\'aux confins du Nirvâna. La subtile candeur de ses caresses voluptueuses m’a emmené vers des sommets de plaisirs extatiques jusqu\'alors inconnus. De la haute gastronomie sensuelle. Quasi irréelle, tant tellement elle est envoûtante et belle. Ensorcelé je suis devenu et n\'ai qu\'une envie. Y goûter à nouveau à ce sublime (et irrésistible) fruit défendu.
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Tony (02.04.2017)
I met Mari again this afternoon. She\'s so nice, elegant, sexy and extremely good-looking. Her kisses are quite an experience, private time is just fantastic and don\'t miss her massages, sooo relaxing.
Too bad she\'s not coming more often!
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Rencontré Arina ,fille atypique marrante souriante ,corps athlétique plaisant ,très sensuelle et les prestations sont à la hauteur de son charme mais protégées...pour des raisons de santé d\'après la miss...elle a su me convaincre par sa manière de pratiquer la fellation...
Ben (22.03.2017)
Meeting Mari was a journey to Paradise. She’s an angel. Beautiful, irresistible and divinely talented. Her art really exceeded my expectations. I was and still am deeply moved. Her caresses by her tongue on the most intimate part of my body were a genuine masterpiece. Unforgettable ! She an authentic magician. The meeting with her was sincerely epic. When will I repeat ? Take care of her, she deserves it, and do not hesitate to meet her. You will absolutely no regret it. Definitely not :)
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Ben (22.03.2017)
Rencontrer Mari fut un voyage au paradis. C\'est une ange. Superbe, irrésistible et divinement talentueuse. Son art a dépassé mes attentes sans crier gare. J\'en ai été, et le suis encore, tout retourné. Les caresses prodiguées par sa langue sur la plus intime partie de mon anatomie ont été un authentique chef-d\'œuvre. Inoubliable ! C\'est une magicienne véridique. La rencontre avec elle a sincèrement été épique. A quand la suite ? Prenez en soins, elle le mérite et n\'hésitez pas à la rencontrer. Vous ne le regretterez pas. Ô que non :)
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Gordon (22.03.2017)
Nine. Cute. Rushed. Not GFE. Doubt they will post this review.
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Ah, kudos to GL for posting.
Thomas (20.03.2017)
J\'ai rencontré Vanessa hier, excellent rendez-vous, une femme magnifique et qui se donné sans compter. Très agréable conversation également elle sait mettre en confiance.
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Vincent (19.03.2017)
J\'ai rencontré Marina et Lera ce weekend, 2 délicieuses jeunes russes vraiment canon et aimant le sexe. Très belles expériences
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Gordon (18.03.2017)
Nina. Pretty girl. Pics accurate. No kissing or eye contact. Covered oral. In and out in 50 mins including 2 showers. Wouldn\'t repeat or recommend.
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fab (18.03.2017)
Meeting prolongé avec Vanessa,fidèle à elle-même,splendide,sensuelle,sexy,douce,un corps naturel de rêve , donne entièrement à condition de la respecter,le temps avec elle semble s\'éterniser,de plus intelligente,sait ce qu\'elle veut ,assume ses choix de vie,son plaisir et le mien.tendre et sauvage,de la personnalité,s\'implique totalement,à revoir sans fin,chaque rencontre est unique.j\'adore.
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Jack (18.03.2017)
J\'ai eu la chance d\'aller voir Lera. Excellente expérience. Elle vous reçoit en vraie petite amie. Très drôle et câline.
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Julian (12.03.2017)
I just met with Lera, very beautiful and nice girl, we had a great time
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Korni (27.02.2017)
Met Santa last week. She\'s a beautiful young lady, and also one of the sweetest and tender I\'ve ever met.
Had a wonderful time with her, and booked two hours for tomorrow.
She\'s a fine jewel
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Marcos (26.02.2017)
I met Nina today, I had a wonderful time with her. Even if communication in English is bit complicated she knows how to please a man. Too bad a option was only once but I really loved our meeting. She is also very pretty and the massage was very good.
See you next time.
Kiss, Marcos
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Alex (25.02.2017)
J ai passé un moment merveilleux avec Alina, c\'est une fille adorable et terriblement sexy.
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Sam (19.02.2017)
I meet mila for two hours. She\'s sweet and naughty at the same time. The perfect GFE experience.
Sam ;)
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Antho (19.02.2017)
Kate est merveilleuse. Prévoyez du temps, pour une danse lassive, un super massage, et que du bon temps. A très bientôt ma belle ;)
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Julien (18.02.2017)
I just met with Santa. She is very beautiful and friendly, we had a very good feeling. Definitely recommended :)
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Gordon (16.02.2017)
Wow Santa. Absolutely gorgeous. Petite. Amazing figure. Beautiful eyes. She also happens to be the sweetest, nicest, sexiest girl you could meet. Incredible experience, I\'ll see her again and highly recommend her.
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Lud-o (11.02.2017)
Very good night with lera yesterday perfect funny girl.
See ya
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Alexl (11.02.2017)
Thanks Alina for this great moment. You are so sensual and sweet. It was a real moment of pleasure to be with you
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Alexl (08.02.2017)
Ah Mila! A beautiful small fit young girl. You\'re so tight, I had very good time during my moment with you ;)
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Very nice expérience whith marvelous lera. t-y
RainingMan (04.02.2017)
Saturday rainy afternoon , I decide to meet the beautiful Santa 😍.
A pur delight !
She is very charming , beautiful hot blonde , a nice natural body .
I like !
Thx GL , thx Santa😘😘😘
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Alexl (02.02.2017)
Like always, Lera is the best :) so happy to see you back in Geneva !
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lestang (26.01.2017)
Sauriez vous si Laurain revient bientôt?
D\'avance merci
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Golden Ladies
hello Nick
sorry, but we didnt have Laurain..
maybe u mistaked.
hello i think about talking Laura ....a very nice girl...
Golden Ladies
oh, ok. i dont know for the moment, but will inform she. will be a pleasure for she
Alex (23.01.2017)
I met Lola this weekend. She is really beautiful, more than her pictures reflect! She is very sweet, I really enjoyed my time with her. Thanks Lola, see you soon ;)
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Laurent (22.01.2017)
J\'ai passé 2h aujourd\'hui avec Olia et whaou ! Un corp superbe,grande,fine,élancé,gracieuse, un jolie et doux visage avec des traits fins . Pour ce qui est de la relation ... Il y a un vrai échange a tout point de vu .. Elle sait lire vos besoins et prend soin de vous . Son énergie est fantastique
Si vous recherchez un vrai moment de détente je vous recommande vivement Olia et méfiez vous de bien garder les pieds sur terre car il serait facile d\'en tomber amoureux .. Prenez bien soin d\'elle .
Thank you so much Olia
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fab (21.01.2017)
rencontre ce jour avec la belle lola,fraiche,jeune,douce espiegle,coquine,un physique de rêves,un fessier magnifique,des yeux de toute beauté,à voir,à revoir et plus encore
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Ivan (19.01.2017)
So pretty girl ! Very good moment. Thank you so much
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What a babe! Loved every second of it! She is a gem, a woman to respect and she is beautiful inside out.
Wow! She is amazing! I had such a great time with her and she is beautiful inside out! Make sure you treat her with respect!
Fabrice (16.01.2017)
meeting avec Sofi, 30 min
Très chaude, elle s\'est très bien occupée de moi et moi d\'elle. Gourmande et super corps. jamais déçu avec cette agence
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JC_ (13.01.2017)
Alina is a very nice girl. She is extremely beautiful, and very caring. She could really be any man\'s dream come true.
Unfortunately, it was not her fault, but we had an issue during our meeting which cut the action short, which of course is disappointing because I was really looking forward to more.
(to the staff, I sent you a few details about the problem on the contact form)
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Blazej (06.01.2017)
Alina is not only the most beautiful and charming woman I ever met, she actually is above what every sensitive and demanding man would love to dream about a moment of exception: smart, gorgeous, delightful, luscious and indeed, fantastic in the bed. This was the most delightful and magical two hours of my intimate life. :-*
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fab (03.01.2017)
Encore une première avec cette fois alina et comme souvent avec golden ladies,pas de surprise,jolie fille caline tendre,sensuelle,attendrissante,et sexe enjoué.
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Fransua (03.01.2017)
One more time with Kristina and still as marvellous as the previous ones...each time I think \"ok dude, maybe there is some exageration in your memory regarding the previous times, this time might be a little bit lower level\" and I expect to be somehow \"upset\"...but each time I leave her, I\'m on another planet and all I think about is the next time I can come and see her :)
Thanks again sweet Kristina, I hope I can see you again soon! (and all the best for 2017) kisses!
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Gourmet (02.01.2017)
Kristina is a miracle. She is so physically perfect, sensitive, tender, gentle, attentive and considerate that being with her is almost a spiritual experience. One leaves her feeling that one has had sex with an angel.
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Lud-o (31.12.2016)
I just come from Kristina. 2h 5stars service! GFE better than some ex GF! Just marvellous time!
I will be back!
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fab (29.12.2016)
rencontre avec sofi,très sexy,avenante,excitante,un bon et beau moment de parties de jambes en l\'air.à voir et revoir
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Fabio (29.12.2016)
This girl is just amazing, I have no words to describe her.
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Kin-Kin (25.12.2016)
Vanessa is a lovely doll. Immediately after saw her in person, I felt that I chose the right girl. She was prettier than the pictures. The breast was very soft and silky. We took care of each other for a few moment and had a really nice sex. After finished in front of a mirror, we cuddled like real boyfriend and girlfriend. Her natural body was soft, good smelling. I wish she could be my real girlfriend. Sincerely recommend to you all, especially for elf-lovers.
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Marc (25.12.2016)
Kristina is absolutely fantastic.
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Jimmy (22.12.2016)
I met Vanessa and there are not many words to describe her. She\'s even better looking than her pictures. She has lovely, perfectly shaped smooth and sexy body. She really treated me like her boyfriend and it was hard to leave her. I will certainly go back to enjoy more of this beautiful creature.Thank you Vanessa.
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Jimmy (20.12.2016)
Met Vanessa. She\'s just awesome. Very sweet and tender girl who looks and tastes so amazing She knows how to make a man happy and I will go back to see her again. Enjoy her while she\'s here.
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Julien (18.12.2016)
Kristina was amazing, very friendly with a very nice feeling, I will come back for sure
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JC_ (16.12.2016)
I just met Vanessa, who is absolutely fabulous. A very beautiful and sweet girl
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r03 (16.12.2016)
I met several times with Sofi and I hope I will meet her again very often each time I pass by Geneva.
Sofi is a wonderful lover. She seems to literally love fucking. The first time, I just came while licking her; she had arouse me so hard I couldn\'t resist. She sucks like one would imagine a goddess would fuck. She jumps around when I lick her and she moans, seemingly happy. really an exceptional fucker.
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Hadrien (09.12.2016)
90 minutes avec Kristina ça va être difficile de s\'en remettre, cette fille est incroyable. Très douée aussi pour le massage. WOW
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Lozzy (04.12.2016)
I met Kristina this evening. Very easy to book via text. Nice apartment with private entrance on low traffic street. She is absolutely gorgeous, her pics don\'t do her justice at all, she\'s an 11. She also happens to be incredibly sweet and sensual, took the lead nicely and seemed to be enjoying herself without overdoing the act. I\'ll be seeing her again before this trip is over and hopefully in the new year as well. Highly recommended.
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Kk-LT (26.11.2016)
The most perfect, nice and beautiful woman I saw in my life. Sweet, \'tender, sensual, the perfect GFE you will never try... thank you so much for that exceptional moment... kissss
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J_007 (23.11.2016)
Anita is very nice and funny lady. tender and sensual. i spent a really good time with she... it was like i entered to my real girlfriend i feel so nice and easy with she. if you respect the real GFE, you will be treated well and this is the right choice.
thank you, Anita and see you soon. kisses to my secret girl
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vieroli (17.11.2016)
Such a sweet woman. Beautiful and nice!
The Time I spent with her was amazing.
Wonderful body with out breathing boobs! ;-)
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SuperMan (16.11.2016)
I met two ladies of dreams tonight, first I went to see Valéria, it is a pretty young brunette, very nice but a little too serious. After some minutes of discussion she regained her good mood and we started a frenzied sexual delirium.
My second encounter was with the charming Kristina : no comment !Just perfect!As Always! LoL
So I\'m lucky, I spent an excellent evening in the company of two wonderful women. what more can be said ?😉😉😉 Thx GL !
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Chuck (15.11.2016)
I met up with Kristina tonight. WOW! She was fantastic. Beautiful, sexy and her perfect English made setting up our meeting smooth. She was attentive and every kiss, touch and caress leading to a perfect climax at the end. She made me feel like I was her lover not a client. Hope to see her again! My highest recommendation to others considering meeting up with her.
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Tony007 (13.11.2016)
I met beautifull Mari today. Waouw, what an encounter! She\'s very nice, very good-looking, sensual, passionate and sooo sexy. I will certainly be back soon. Thanks again Mari.
Elle est top, je la recommande vivement!
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misteryman1 (07.11.2016)
Rencontre isabella et darina ce soir pas en meme temps mais bon . Dans des styles differents elles m ont bien divertis😂. Au top
Petite preference pour darina qui est charmante. Elle m a dit qu elle etait timide mais pas dans le lit c est une autre histoire :))) une vraie tigresse rrrrrrr
Magnifiques et des seins madre mia 😂😂
Jy retournerai. Quand je sais pas enfin si tres bientot :)))
Un trio uffff peut etre 😉
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fabian (05.11.2016)
Kristina encore un grand moment...du sexe encore du sexe...un rêve le pied du plaisir...un grand kif..merci GL et à bientôt sur Lausanne.un fan
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kristina c\'est aussi un regard attendrissant,aguichant,un beau sourire,une plastique de rêve,des seins réactifs,une chatte délicieuse,des baisers tendres et fougueux,une peau douce,une partie de jambes en l\'air de grande voltige avec ou sans accessoires,un grand coeur à l\'ouvrage,ange ou démon mais toujours avec respect,un plaisir,jouissance partagée.....euh je crois que j\'en suis amoureux
Yves (04.11.2016)
À wonderful afternoon spent in the arms of a beautiful and charming lady. Valeria definitely makes you feel like her lover rather than a formal client. I was in heaven. Hope to see her again.
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Mat (01.11.2016)
What can I say I\'m lost for words. Kristina is simply amazing, so charming...
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Guillaume (29.10.2016)
Sofi is just amazing. She is even more beautiful in flesh! Great body
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Jean c. (28.10.2016)
Tu es très belle. Many thanks Kristina, the moments with You are fantastic. Pure joy in the Paradise. 1000 Kisses
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Vince (27.10.2016)
She is perfect
Everything was perfect : GFE attitude.
you will never feel the same after meeting her.
Thank you Kristina
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LuK (27.10.2016)
Not even sure where start since the only risk by meeting her is to get addicted in the first seconds.
Amazing pretty for sure but even more an emotional intelligence where she feels how to make you comfortable and how to please you
I wish I would be able to share more moments with her
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Josef (25.10.2016)
Sonya is very beautiful very gentle and such a pleasure to enjoy. Treat her gently and she will return the pleasure and you will have a such a pleasant experience. Her apartment is very clean and pleasant and I can\'t wait to go back and enjoy her pleasures.
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Balticlover (24.10.2016)
I spent an extremely nice hour with Kristina. She has the most perfect body I have ever seen and looks even prettier than what her pictures suggest.
She is very delicate and natural. She provided me the sweet yet little naughty GFE I was looking for, I hope she also enjoyed our time together.
I\'m wondering if she can get a little wilder. Guess the only way to know is to go back and see her again before she leaves this boring city ;o)
As far as I am concerned she\'s just perfect for me :D
See you another time Kristina !
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Jean C. (21.10.2016)
Absolutely wonderful and more and more... She is beautyful and just perfect. Many Many thanks Kristina, I will come back again ! Kisses
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Jeff (07.10.2016)
Very nice and full dedicated
I passed a very good time and will again 👍
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Stefan (02.10.2016)
Fantastic Nina ) from the very first moment when she opens the door and all along the meeting. A lovely and perfect body with a soft skin which makes you feel like in a dream. Nina is smily, sensual, implicated and she likes sex. she really takes care of you and she know perfectly how to satisfy you. Don\'t miss the magic Nina. Take this princess in your arms and feel the desire raising...Many kisses Nina...
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Patrick (27.09.2016)
Magnifique fille un corps de rêve et très entreprenante, j\'ai passé un moment formidable à remettre mais cette fois toute la nuit car elle ne ce fatigue jamais.
Une fille au sourires ravageurs, je ne demande qu\'à la revoir, à bientôt Mari...😘😘😘
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Pascal (25.09.2016)
Amazing experience with this beautiful girl. Warm welcome, always a nice smile and a perfect body. Really implicated and generous. Really satisfied of the meeting.
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peter (24.09.2016)
Fun. Great BJ. No hurry. Highly recommended.
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BadMan (24.09.2016)
All simply magnificent!!! I met Mari several times and it\'s always a great pleasure. It is first of extreme beauty. Fine, firm skin, a beautiful lovely body. She has a physical magazine for me and even tell the truth, I do not see many girls as beautiful as she. Also she is very nice !!
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Paulo (23.09.2016)
Kristina was so perfect! You can call her, you won\'t be disappointed.
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Pierre (23.09.2016)
Just perfect recomended
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Alan (22.09.2016)
What a great experience I had yesterday night with Lara. A amazing warm welcome, wonderful smile and a dreaming body. She likes sex and she is 100% implicated in what she is doing. A lot of imagination. Really one of the greatest experience at golden-ladies. See you soon Lara ;-) Alan
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Nicholas (22.09.2016)
Totally recommended....
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FdP (18.09.2016)
From Russia with love!
Marvelous experience. Perfect body! Perfect GFE!
I don\'t know what to say beside if you enjoy women, love, sensuality and sex, you must meet her. She\'s generous and she will offer more than expected.
See you princess!
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I was talking about Nina ;-)
Mos (16.09.2016)
Amazing Kristina. Real is well above pics. A truly PSE, I still dream off !!
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Mos (15.09.2016)
Just gorgeous ! Real is much better than pics. And what a wonderful time with Kristina, you\'ll be amazed by her skills, great PSE !
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